Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More differences

And, alas, there are more! In fact, some were brought to mind by my dear friends who commented on facebook.  They too have been in transition and walked between cultures being changed and molded by the languages, the food, the climates, and the people.  It's all for God's glory to see His intricate handiwork in this world.  Never does the amazement wear off.  So, this list will continue, most likely not to it's end, but just as differences percolate through the grey matter.

7. cross the road or not to cross the road?  That is the question.  Actually, it's more a matter of who has the right of way and WHERE to cross the road.  This is a rediculously confusing question.  It became a normal and almost comfortable place to be in the middle of traffic when crossing the road.  And, if all else failed, there was always "the hand" (like a stop actually did stop traffic).  Cross walks, not so much.  Maybe on a main road, but even then, it's just a suggestion.  So here... oh man, I am a confused road crosser!  What in the world to do? I have an inexplicable sudden drop of self confidence when crossing the road while walking.'s feeling a little complicated.

8. Cellophane or celofane.  That is a plastic bag, or a plastic cover, depending on the context.  They are used for everything and readily available (and now, they are also biodegradeable).  Of course, here, each bag costs 5 cents, so it's best to plan wisely and bring your own bag, unless your needing more "grocery bags" for random uses in your home.  

9. Keeping to yourself.  It became quickly apparent that the best thing to do on the occasion that I found myself walking alone was to keep my eyes either on the pavement in front of me or to look like I was texting (maybe I really was, but maybe not!).  This was to differ attracting even more attention and stifled many of the would-be-vocal-attention.  But here, now it's awkward.  When passing someone while walking, if in exercise attire and the passer by is also in exercise attire, clearly a greeting is due.  However, if this is the average Joe, well, it's just awkward.  How far away were they when you noticed them?  Did they see you?  Do you smile at them or give them the cold shoulder? Maybe just sort of go with their lead and follow what they do...  haha!  Oh, it's so funny.  At least looking around at the surrounding area doesn't usually illicit too much attention. 

10. Rice.  While there are definitely families here that do eat rice daily, mine has decreased it's consumption a little.  The selection is substantially less in the typical grocery store and people just aren't as concerned with it.  In fact, if a typical American should miss having a meal with rice they don't usually find themselves on a rice hunt so that they are truly satisfied. :)

11. Only whitening toothpaste?  You know the saying, "They grass is always greener on the other side."?  There couldn't be a truer saying for our unhappy, ever comparing human nature.  Dark skinned people want to have light/white skin and white people want to have tan skin.  How is this problem solved by making soap, powder, lotion, and anything else you might imaging with whitening capabilities.  Of course, we "white" people like to tan (cancer free, naturally).  

12. Dusters.  What do you think of when you hear that term?  Some that is used to dust your house, correct?  Not exactly.  Actually, it's a piece of clothing.  Specifically one worn by a woman and might be better recognized as a summer dress or, occasionally, a house dress.

Maybe more later. :) 

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