Saturday, July 9, 2011

3 Weeks for GO!

Magandang Araw!  Oh, "Good Day" in the Filipino dialect of Tagalog.  In 3 weeks these ears will be tickling with new sounds of new cities that are half way around the world!

So, here are a few updates for you to stay informed and, hopefully, to feel like you are part of a team for we are, indeed, fellow runners in this race (Heb. 12.)

This Month:
My parents are coming home tomorrow evening due to my dad's mom's quickly declining health because of cancer.
My sister-in-law's parents are coming for a visit...we'll have a full house!
Packing, reading, writing, details to work out; the time is flying by so fast!

Prayer Requests:
For my eyes and heart to be stayed on Christ in the intense business here, which often leaves my exhausted and stressed.
For my grandmother and the family as we walk this path of grieving.
For all the details to be worked out and my patience when my timing doesn't seem to work out...God's timing is ALWAYS perfect.

Thank you all so much for you prayer and support!  Love and blessings!